Terms Of Service

Website Security

See our Privacy Policy for details about the security of this website, and your data. Note that we can’t make any guarantees about the security of the site, but we make every effort to make it as secure as possible. Keeping your online identity safe is your responsibility, so use caution when posting information to the site. Whatever you post is visible to visitors, unless you specify it’s to be shared with only friends (the same way you can restrict content on Facebook).

Using Your Facebook Login

You can use your Facebook login to sign into the site. If you don’t wish to do so, you can set up a login for this site. There’s no way to change your Facebook password or avatar from this site; you can do so on Facebook and it will be changed the next time you login to qcsocial.net.  If you cancel your Facebook account, I don’t know if you will be able to access your data by logging in with the same ID; if you want to do so, contact us about moving your data over.

Note that qcsocial.net will not and in fact cannot change your data on Facebook. There is a Facebook app that handles the communication with qcsocial.net, and it is not set up to allow your information to be modified; the only data that’s sent to qcsocial.net are your identity and your avatar.

Use of Classifieds

This is provided as a service to members, and there’s no way for legal reasons to send or receive payment for items. Be careful when purchasing items, and use the same approach you’d use if buying or selling something on a site like Craigslist. We are not responsible for the quality of anything posted in the classifieds; use due diligence before giving someone your money.

You may not use the classifieds for: any illegal or unethical purpose; sexual purposes; multi-level marketing schemes; buying and selling items and services that are not in the greater Quad Cities area (there are other sites for that). The decision about what is appropriate is at the discretion of the moderator(s), and classifieds that are deemed inappropriate will be removed.

I cannot guarantee your safety if a classified results in a face-to-face meeting, and I cannot guarantee the safety of your financial information if a financial transaction results. Note that posting your email address and phone number is not a good idea; it’s safer to send a message to the person instead (see the Messages submenu under your profile). How you use the classifieds and how you meet with people who post or respond to ads there is your responsibility, not ours!

Use of Forums

Messages represent the views of the poster, and do not reflect the views of qcsocial.net or any of its administrators. Do not post copyrighted material, and do not spam the forum; all advertising must go in Classifieds.

Please use descriptive titles for your posts so readers know what the post is about, and don’t post the same message to different forums. Keep your discussion on-topic; if you want to discuss a different topic, create a new thread.

Personal attacks, hostility, hate speech, trolling, racist/sexist/homophobic comments, are all forbidden. So is revealing personal information about another user without his/her consent.

Violation of these rules may result in your banning for the site for a time, or permanently.

Note that posting your email address and phone number is not a good idea; it’s safer to send a message to the person instead (see the Messages submenu under your profile).

User Interactions

Use the same precautions in dealing with other users on this site that you would use on Facebook; be careful who you friend, and don’t post private information anywhere on the site. We’re not responsible for your safe use of this site, you are!

Advertising and Donations

A lot of effort went into this site, and there are ongoing maintenance costs for hosting it. I’ve therefore decided to display ads on the site from Google that are targeted to Quad Cities interest. At least, they’re supposed to be; the keywords for ads may need to be tweaked to reduce inappropriate ads.

I’m also adding a donation button; using it is entirely optional, think of it as a tip. If you do decide to donate, many thanks!

Last Updated: January 9, 2016